SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – Mushrooms don’t grow like plants.

Instead of seeds and roots to get them started and keep them alive, mushrooms use spores and mycelium.

Dylan Moshier, owner of Moshier’s Mushrooms in Waverly, explained that the types of mushrooms he grows start out in a slock of sterilized sawdust.

“Mushrooms grow really fast. It’s usually about a week and they’ll start to grow,” Moshier said. “You can look at them every eight hours and notice a difference in growth.”

Moshier sells kits that let you get started in growing your own mushrooms. The sawdust bags will generate two or three harvests, with the first one being the largest. The kits offer a fun and visually interesting way for kids to get excited about mushrooms, too.

The kits grow several varieties, including various oysters, chestnut mushrooms, coral tooth, and lion’s mane. Lion’s mane is a versatile mushroom that can be used as a meat substitute, Moshier said.

Puffballs and chicken of the woods are other popular fungi that go well in a number of recipes.