Watch Our Garden Grow: Getting it started with Tomato plants

Watch Our Garden Grow

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Last week our 18 News reporter Matt Paddock and Chamberlain Acres Charlie Todd showed us how raised beds can be a game changer for your victory garden. This week the two finally start the planting process and show you just what’s going into our garden.

Todd says, “I figured we’d show examples of what we’re planting here at our garden. What i figured would be an easy start would be tomatoes”.

Charlie says tomatoes are an easy venture for any gardener, even showing us a few tricks to really get the most out of your tomato plant.

“The thing about a tomato plant is if you look at the plant, you’ll see these little fibrous hairs on them”, said Todd.

Now as we learned in past segments a tomato plant is a vine, so anywhere these hairs touch, they’re going to want to root.

Todd says, “Basically, you can plant these deep so when you take a tomato, to plant it you want to strip off and strip down the leaves on the slower stems, kind of like giving it a little haircut”.

This is where we got a little crazy folks, Charlie having full faith in our reporter Matthew Paddock to get the plant trimmed and potted by himself. Well, kind of.

As you’ll see in the video Charlie asks Matt to show him how he would plant the tomato. A challenge Matt fully accepts.

“You want to get it nice and deep in the pot and then fill the soil back in. You want to push it back down in… but not like a woodchuck back into its hole. The idea is you don’t want it to be too firm but firm enough to survive strong winds and things like that”, says Todd.

Now stay tuned for next weeks segment of Watch Our Garden Grow as Charlie and Matt start getting the potted plants into those raised beds we covered in last weeks segment.

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