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Watch Our Garden Grow: Getting Started

Watch Our Garden Grow

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – For the millions of Americans grappling with the worst unemployment crisis in US History, the pain keeps piling on. Some now asking the question, can I afford to put food on the table? They’re adapting and bringing back the ‘Victory Garden’. This week our 18 News Reporter Matthew Paddock is joined by Charlie Todd, owner of Chamberlain Acres to help get our garden started.

Now what came first the plant or the seed? This week Charlie Todd walks us through getting a garden started from the ground, up.

Todd says, “Your soil is the most important nutrient and what’s feeding the plant naturally”.

So now, it was time to get our hands dirty.

After asking Charlie if it was okay to use my hands to get the potting process started, he responded with “that’s the key you’ve gotta skip the gloves and get your hands dirty”.

Now that the pot is full of soil, Charlie shows me a nice little tip for both beginner and expert gardeners, they’re called peat pellets.

Todd says with a little water and patience the pellets will expand and grow into a marshmallow sized and shaped soil base where we can put the seed, this keeps it from moving around and making it so we don’t need to check in on it daily.

Stay tuned next week as Charlie and I discuss the importance of ‘timing’ when it comes to getting your garden growing.

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