SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – Planting season is in full swing, and hanging baskets are everywhere now that Mother’s Day is behind us.

But Chamberlain Acres owner Charlie Todd said that it’s important to water hanging plants properly. Hot, sunny, windy days can suck out the moisture of the soil, but simply pouring water over the top of the flowers can be damaging.

“Basically, you’ll end up with a hole right in the center of the plant,” Todd said. “So water it up off to the side.”

Dry soil acts like a dry sponge, too. The water will run right through the bottom until it has time to soak it. To fix this, Todd said to come back every couple of minutes to water the basket again until the soil finally starts to accept it. And be sure to check it each morning and night, too.

Plants can also have a hard time accepting a lot of sunlight all at once, so it’s important not to just put all your plants under the full summer sun after they’ve been indoors for months. But just like the water, they can be acclimated over time.

“Put it in a shady place when you first bring something out. And then maybe a day later, just kind of start getting into part sun,” Todd said.

Overcast days are another good opportunity to let your plants get used to the summer sunlight.