SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – Perennials can make your garden look beautiful for the summer season. But not all perennials are made the same, so it’s important to think ahead when you go to the greenhouse to buy a new pot.

Charlie Todd of Chamberlain Acres said customers often buy whatever they see is in bloom at the time to fill out their summer gardens. However, this means that despite them all flowering at the same time, they’ll also all stop flowering at once.

So it’s best to spread out your purchases.

“Week-and-a-half, two-week intervals,” Todd said. “Throughout the season, you have things that are going to flower continually but at different times.”

The type of garden you have also makes a difference. Some plants love full shade while others like a mix of sun and shade. But just because it’s a shade-loving plant doesn’t mean it can’t have color.

“Annual-wise, it’s going to give you flowers constantly: begonias,” Todd said. Begonias and fuchsias thrive in the shade. Meanwhile, plants like caladiums don’t flower, but they have leaves with plenty of color to liven up your garden.