Watch our Garden Grow: Victory Garden Planning

Watch Our Garden Grow

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Last week our 18 News reporter Matt Paddock and Chamberlain Acre’s Charlie Todd took us through the importance of timing when it comes to getting your garden started. This week Todd shows us some of the vegetables that are good for growing early into the gardening season.

Todd says, “Today what we’re doing is trying to figure out what we’re going to plant. Peas are one of the things we can start early, they can deal with the cooler temperatures that we’ve been having”.

While speaking of cooler temperatures, Charlie is still warning those looking to get their garden started to slow down as we are still seeing overnight frost. Todd says, ” We aren’t in business to resell you something, we want you to be successful the first time around”.

Now for some, peas may not be what you’re looking to grow, don’t worry Charlie’s got us covered!

Todd says, “Basically we’ve got a good mix here of things we can grow, some stuff you can be successful with getting things started early like onions, they aren’t as susceptible to the cold”.

“Another good thing that’s good to plant early is kale. I’ve got customers who tell me how long their season is with kale and it’s one of those things that’s hard to kill”, says, Todd.

Another big problem for beginning gardeners is keeping those pests and animals out of your garden. This trick Todd says he learned from his grandmother. Todd says to plant Marigolds because they have a strong scent that deters animals and pests from coming near your garden.

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