SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – It is finally May, and many local gardeners are itching to get outside and start digging. Before you grab a shovel, there are tips you need to know in this edition of Watch Our Garden Grow.

May brings spring flowers. However, the beginning of the month is not the right time for you to plant your vegetables or annuals. It all has to do with the temperature in our region. The USDA Map of Hardiness Planting Zones is the guide we use.

“There are two zones in our region,” said 18 News garden expert Glenn Miller. “Those zones are 5a and 5b. It depends on what temperature it is. 5a goes down to about 15-below. 5b is 20-bellow. Our area is considered 5a,” he continued.

Technically that means you can start planting on May 16th. However, you might want to hold off. As cold as it got over the winter, it is better to go with 5b,” Miller warned. That means you can start planting those annuals around May 30th.

If you have already begun planting, Miller said, you’ll need to cover your plants. Make sure you do not use plastic either. The frost will go right through it. He recommends using cloth.

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