One of the most important things children learn is their place in the world around them. The changing weather is probably the most easily observed part of the natural world and is part of every child’s daily experience.

In the Weather Wisdom program, elementary school age students get a chance to learn about the science behind the weather and how weather forecasts are made.

We take students behind the scenes of the 18 Storm Team, and show them how we make a forecast and how that forecast gets on the air. Students also learn about the different types of clouds, precipitation and the danger posed by extreme weather.

Our meteorologists will spend time answering the children’s questions and selecting one student to ask their question on camera to be answered live on 18 News at 5:30 pm. 

If you would like a visit from the 18 Storm Team, you can email them at

Have you ever heard a meteorologist use a term on air you didn’t know and had to Google? Have you ever wondered what the difference is between all of the numerous weather alerts issued? In “Getting Geeky With Grant,” 18 Storm Team Meteorologist Grant Chungo takes the time to explore different weather-related topics meteorologists don’t typically have the time to go into detail while on air. Each week, Grant picks a relevant subject correlating with current weather conditions across the Twin Tiers and dives deeper into the matter. During the winter, the 18 Storm Team covers topics from lake effect snow to even how different types of snowflakes form. In the summer months, they cover topics from river flooding to what keeps a hurricane alive. If you would like a specific topic discussed, email Grant at

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