Brody Blide is our Junior Weathercaster for February! Brody is in the 4th grade and his favorite subject is science. He says he is rooting for the Eagles in the Super Bowl as they are the second best team, behind the Buffalo Bills. His favorite candy for Valentine’s Day is Twix.

This is what Brody’s grandfather, Joseph, had to say about this rising star:

Brody is a Brilliant young man . He is 8 years old and is very Inquisitive . He is fascinated with Science and Nature. We recently visited the Museum of Natural History in NYC , when the curator was telling a group all about Caterpillars and Thier Cocoons , he corrected him by saying ‘’ Actually Sir , they are called a Chrysalis ‘’ the curator agreed and said he uses cocoons since no one his age knows the correct name 😂 . He’s always asking questions about nature and archeology and rock formations . He is born to be in front of the camera and takes a serious side when learning

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