Wade Diederich is our Junior Weathercaster for November! Wade, 6, is in the first grade at Finn Academy. When he is not at school, you can catch Wade outside playing ball or swinging on his swing set. He is thankful for turkey and dessert, which is ice cream.

This is what Wade’s mother, Sasha, had to say about this rising star:

Wade will be 6th March 24th and ever since he worked with the Weathercasters through his class at Finn Academy (Miss Cox class) he has been fascinated by the weather! He loves getting to be “the weather guy” as a job in class and has decided that his birthday theme is weather especially rainbows and how they are made. I can just imagine how excited he would be to be Junior Weathercaster! Wade is an energetic and friendly little boy who loves learning!

Is your child smart, outgoing, and loves all things weather? Visit this link to enter them in the Junior Weathercaster contest.