ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- According to information released Thursday morning from the United Stated drought monitor, the Twin Tiers is no longer under a drought.

The update came out Thursday morning and is valid as of Tuesday, September 6th at 8:00 AM. The update does not account for any rainfall we have seen this week since then and updates are provided every Thursday. Portions of the Twin Tiers had been under a moderate drought since Tuesday, July 18th; this is the lowest and least intense drought level.

Both the Southern and Northern Tier are now abnormally dry. When coming out of a drought, some impacts include lingering water deficits and pastures or crops not fully recovered.

The map and drought classification is a generalization of areas so some local areas may be seeing something slightly different. The drought levels are: Abnormally Dry (D0), Moderate Drought (D1), Severe Drought (D2), Extreme Drought (D3), and Exceptional Drought (D4).

The impacts vary from state to state, but for New York and Pennsylvania but some of them for the abnormally dry level are crop growth is stunted and planting is delayed, lawns brown early, gardens begin to wilt and surface levels decline.

For those in the moderate drought level some impacts include irrigation use increases, hay and grain yields are lower than normal, and reservoir and lake levels are below capacity.

For drought levels beyond moderate, we begin to see new impacts such as potential major crop and pasture loss and widespread water restrictions.