In this edition of Weather Labs, Austin shows you how you can make dew and frost in the comfort of your own kitchen without going outside in the cold.

For this, you will need:
-Two soup (or whatever) cans, needs to be metal.
-4 tablespoons of salt
-Ice, crushed or otherwise (Crushed didn’t work as well for me)

In one can, add the water, salt, and ice. Give it a mix and let it sit for about a minute. After that time, water should have condensed onto the side of the can and freeze into frost. This is the same concept of frost on the windows of your car.

In one can, add the water and ice and give it a mix. Let it sit for about a minute. After that time, some water should have condensed on the side of the can. Water vapor is all around us and the cold temperature of the can could make the vapor condense to liquid water. However, if the dewpoint temperature of the air is too low, it may not work as well.