Question: How do I accurately measure and send in snow totals?

Answer: There are a few steps to accurately measuring snow once it falls. Here are the steps you need to know to accurately measure snow.

  1. For an accurate snowfall measurement you will need a a snowboard. A snowboard is typically a piece of wood that is painted white and about 2′ by 2′ in size. If you do not have a snowboard you can use a spot on a deck or outside picnic table (preferably wooden). If there’s not a spot like this available an area with short or no grass is best so it doesn’t impact the measurement.
  2. Make sure it is an area that isn’t obstructed at all by tall objects; this works best in an open area, but one that is sheltered from the wind.
  3. Put out the snowboard before the snow begins and mark the board or an area you’re measuring with a flag. This is so you can find it and use the same spot for accuracy purposes.
  4. Once the snow has ended, Take a ruler and put it on the board or surface and measure to the closest tenth of an inch. Wipe off the surface or board off after the measurement.
  5. Write down the measurement, time, and location. After measuring, if using a board, place the board on top of the snow.
  6. Send in your reports! Tag your local National Weather Service or send it to local media, like us at WETM.

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