Question: How much sunshine do we see compared to other places?

Answer: To answer this question I looked at our average solar incoming radiation. We will be using the “North America Land Data Assimilation System Daily Sunlight (Insolation) Data set 1979-2011” from NASA and courtesy of the CDC to see how much sun we get on average.

It looks at how much incoming solar radiation that every county in the United States gets; it specifically looks at the average amount that it gets in a day and then ranks them based on the sunniest to the least sunny.

For Chemung County we get 13,748 kilojoules per meter squared a day, which puts us at a ranking of are pretty low at 3037/3111 counties with the 3111th County as the cloudiest. For comparison, the number one ranked county gets 20,775 kilojoules per meter squared.

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