Question: Why is it going to be so cold?

Answer: We are seeing below-average temperatures by around 5-15 degrees across most of the continental United States for the upcoming week or so but why are we seeing this widespread cold?

The answer has to do with the polar vortex. We are seeing constant cold air from the polar vortex. The polar vortex is cold air and low pressure near the poles. The polar vortex is high up in the atmosphere but can impact our temperatures down at the surface.

The polar vortex always exists near the poles, but it gets stronger in the winter and weaker in the summer. Sometimes in the winter, when the polar vortex is disturbed, it sends cold Arctic air south within the jet stream. This is fairly common and not a rare occurrence; it often leads to widespread Arctic air in the continental United States.

In summary, Arctic air is being pushed south into our area leading to colder air and therefore below-average temperatures.

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