ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Wallops Island is a site where NASA launches rocket at times into the atmosphere off the coast of Virginia along the the Chesapeake Bay. When these launch, it is possible for the East Coast to view it just minutes after launch. This weeks launch was postponed until Saturday May 8th no earlier than 8:02 pm. NASA has a 40 minute window to launch the rocket, therefore the latest being 8:42 pm on Saturday. Weather permitting it can be visible all the way to the Mississippi River. Here in the Twin Tiers we run the risk of showers into Saturday evening so it might be difficult to view the rocket. However, there is a chance to have a break in cloud cover especially later this evening so it just may be possible. Here in the Twin Tiers we view the rocket roughly 30 to 60 seconds after launch. The purpose of the launch today is a mission to explore energy transport in space using a NASA suborbital sounding rocket.