ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – As we head into the summer months, severe weather can be a weekly occurrence. Here in the Northeast we are subject to all kinds of severe weather that can be very dangerous if not taken seriously. However, there are numerous ways you can stay on top of the severe threats and be as best prepared as possible when severe weather strikes.

First you can listen to either WETM or NOAA Weather Radio. Both of these options will give you real time alerts as you have meteorologists monitoring the changing weather conditions. When you hear thunder, drop what you are doing and head inside. As the saying goes “When the thunder roars, go indoors!” Lightning can strike out of a clear sky and this becomes especially dangerous when you are out on water.

As severe storms pass, keep away from windows. There are gusty winds that accompany most of these storms and things can fly into the windows and break them. It is very common. It is imperative to avoid electrical equipment and corded telephones as lighting can travel through these things and shock you. Lastly, find out a tornado safe room in your house ahead of time. Just incase you needed to seek shelter, you will be able to do so safely and quickly.