Last week, I discussed how hot it can get in Elmira during the month of April. Now, I will talk about the opposite: how cold it can get in Elmira during the month of April.

Even though the spring season has already started by the time it is April, winter-like weather can still bust its way in. This typically happens in northern parts of the country more often than down south. According to SC ACIS, the coldest minimum temperature recorded in Elmira during the month of April is 3 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 16 degrees below the average April minimum temperature in Elmira. This happened on April 5th, 2016. At that time, about 0.7 of an inch of snowfall fell in the area.

It is pretty rare for a temperature that low to be achieved, especially during a spring month. Based on data recorded for 41 non-consecutive years, there were only 3 years when the temperature went below 10 degrees Fahrenheit in Elmira during the month of April. The other 38 recorded minimum temperatures above 10 degrees.

The kind of weather that can be expected from these low temperatures can typically start off as a wintry mix and then transition to snow. Afterwards, a sweeping cold front associated with a strong polar vortex can bring very low wind chills and much drier weather. Now that April is over, a chance of a polar vortex in Elmira is not likely for a while, which means there will very likely be a time this month where Elmira residents can finally put the heavy coat away.