December kicks off the start of meteorological winter, which means it is a good time to freshen up on some safety tips when winter weather comes our way. First off, if you find yourself outdoors during a winter storm, cover exposed body parts and seek shelter immediately. Too far away from shelter? Try building yourself a fire. If you are low on water, melt the snow around you to get drinking water. It is also helpful to move around or exercise occasionally to stay warm.

Shoveling snow off the driveway and streets can be exhausting, and in some cases, harmful. Always dress warmly and cover your heads, fingers, and toes when shoveling to avoid frostbite. Take it slow when shoveling. It is not a race. Stay hydrated and take frequent breaks when you feel exhausted.

When traveling on the roads, always clean off your vehicle before driving. This is not only helpful for you, but for others around you as well. You should never have too much snow flying off your car while driving in front of someone. Do not pass snow plows and keep it slow on slick roads. These tips can help lower your chances of getting in an accident by a lot.