In February, it typically gets cold in Elmira, but sometimes there can be an exception. On Thursday, February 9th, the high temperature reached 55 degrees. This was about 20 degrees above the average high temperature for that time of the year. Above-average temperatures are expected for the week of February 12th, which may lead to the question, “Are we seeing a temperature record in Elmira this week?”

According to data pulled from the Elmira-Corning Regional Airport, the highest recorded February temperature in Elmira reached 75 degrees. This happened back on February 24th, 2017.

For this week, another really high February temperature is expected, but it may only reach 61 degrees. That day is Thursday, February 16th, and it is forecasted to have gusty winds and rainfall. If we are getting sunshine instead of rainfall on that day, the high temperature could likely be higher.

The record high temperature for February 16th in Elmira is 57 degrees, so we could break the record for that day, but not for all of February. If the forecast holds out, this will be the first February since 2019 that Elmira has gotten a day with a temperature reaching at least 60 degrees.