The first day of summer is coming this Tuesday, which means it is now time to turn on the fans and bring out the cold drinks. Temperatures often go high throughout the Twin Tiers, especially here in Elmira. But the question is, how often does the temperature reach 100 or more in Elmira during the summer?

According to data recorded since the year 1894, there have been only 23 maximum temperature recordings from June to September that were at least 100 degrees. One summer had a long heatwave that started from the end of August to the beginning of September. The highest temperature ever recorded in Elmira is 107 degrees, which was achieved back on September 3, 1953. The following day had a high temperature of 105 degrees, and then the area cooled off thanks to plenty of rain for the next few days.

Despite these record-setting temperatures, the average maximum temperature during the summer in Elmira is not 100 or more. In fact, it is only 96. For days that do go over 100, many factors are typically put into play, including a shift in the jet stream and high pressure. The jet stream would have to shift northward enough for the cooler air to retreat up north, leaving the hotter air down south. Hot days in Elmira are also typically dry, thanks to high pressure building into the region. Be sure to check the National Weather Service for local forecasts and safety tips on how to survive during times of extreme heat.