By the time August comes around, conditions become noticeably cooler in parts of the country, but it still remains hot most of the time. Because of this hot weather, lightning often becomes a problem, and deaths and injuries by lightning are reported every year.

The most obvious solution for avoiding lightning strikes is to stay inside, but if you must absolutely go outside when lightning is in the vicinity, here are tips to stay safe:

  • Stay away from tall objects
  • Avoid activities involving metal tools, such as golfing, construction, grilling, and gardening. Metals are good conductors of electricity.
  • Avoid being submerged in water. Swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans contain salts that are good conductors of electricity.

Why it matters:

For every 20 to 25 million lightning flashes in the United States each year, around 20 people are killed and hundreds are injured. Thankfully, the number of deaths stayed below average for the past couple years due to the increasing knowledge of lightning safety. We can only hope that number will be lower in the years to come.