Sixth graders from Bradford Central School District are featured in this week’s weather wisdom. A student from the first group asked Chief Meteorologist Shelby Clark, “what is the most bizarre weather you have seen in your entire career?”

“The most bizarre weather I experienced was a tornado that occurred in Wyalusing Pennsylvania in February of 2016,” said Clark.

“We don’t typically experience strong thunderstorms, let alone tornadoes, that time of year,” Clark continues. “The tornado wasn’t even detected by radar. Damage was reported to the National Weather Service in Binghamton, so they sent out a survey team the next day to look at the damage. I was able to tag along with them. Based on the types of trees that fell and other damage, it was determined that the tornado had a maximum wind speed of 100 mph. This ranks as an EF-1 tornado. It was also determined that this was a tornado based on the direction of how the trees fell, more in a circular rotation rather than showing straight line wind damage.”