As of late August 2010, I left WETM-TV to join the news team of YNN (Your News Now) Time Warner Cable in Syracuse, NY.  My husband, Matt Szwejbka also alumni of WETM-TV, now works at CNY Central NBC 3 in Syracuse as well. 

In fact, there are many times during the week where you can turn on the TV in central NY and see me on one station and my husband on another.  It is rare to have two married meteorologist working in this business let alone working in the same city. 

We have purchased a new house close to our jobs and look forward to cutting back our commute time, (while working at WETM-TV, I lived in Ithaca and commuted about 50 minutes each way every day).  We spend most of our new found time hanging out with family and exploring our new home town of Syracuse. 

Matt and I both miss the Twin Tiers very much and plan to make trips back down from time to time!