ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – It’s time to go back in time with 18 Sports Flashback.

This time, we go back to February 1985 at the former WETM-TV studio located on Hawley Hill in Elmira. This photo showcases the classic WETM-TV camera gear used to capture and generate stories through video.

Back then, 3/4 tape cameras were used to shoot highlights, stories, interviews and more. In this image, photographer Jim Goodnow is shown setting up the gear for a news story. Known for their bulky design and heavy weight, 3/4 tape made a long run in the television news industry before being phased out by better technology.

After the Betacam SP format was used in the from the mid-1990’s, DV and DVC Pro video was introduced in 1996. Although, WETM-TV didn’t start using these formats until 2002 and 2003.

Today, high-definition and even 4K cameras are used to capture the best possible images for viewers. Take a look back at the classic 1985 camera gear at WETM-TV.

(Photo: Rod Denson Family Archives)